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Tagged "Nutrition"

Protein, all you need to know

Protein is one of the three macronutrients needed in our everyday diet, along with fats and carbohydrates. The sources of proteins in our diet are varied: meat, fish and other seafood, legumes, dairy products, and also, insects!

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"Insects are the new lobster" - Georges Brossard, founder of the Montreal Insectarium

Passionate about insects from a young age, Georges Brossard is an Indiana Jones of modern times. In 40 years, he has travelled to more than 100 countries equipped with his net, in order to collect insects and supply insectariums around the world. He is the founder of the Montreal Insectarium, and the founder of 10 other insectariums around the world. His personal insect collection includes more than 500,000 specimens. He also created and hosted the Insectia series for Discovery ChanelWe loved doing this interview with Georges Brossard, who is 76 years old and full of energy, passion, and humour. Topics for this interview included entrepreneurship, his love for insects, and his struggle to promote insect-based food. This interview was an extraordinary encounter with this committed entomologist who has so much to teach the younger generations.

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Kathy Tremblay's 8 tips for a successful Olympic triathlon

Kathy Tremblay is a double Olympian and Pan Am Triathlon champion. On the eve of Montreal’s Triathlon International, Näak’s ambassador offers her valuable advice on how to perform on competition day.

Näak  Kathy, how do you approach a race on a course you don’t know?

Kathy : The first thing to do is [...]

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