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Hello, we are Naak


Performance, health and environment

Who are we?

Hi, we are the two co-founders of Naak, a young company from Montréal, Quebec, aspiring to democratize insect consumption. We are part of the Y generation, a generation that grew up in a context of growing awareness of our impact on the environment and the importance of how we consume. Thus, we have always felt concerned with sustainable development and responsible consumption.
Our story begins in 2016 when we qualify for the triathlon world championships. It is on this occasion that we really started to reflect upon the role of our nutrition and its impact on our performances. We quickly understood that there were significant improvement opportunities in sports nutrition products. Indeed, none met our criteria: performance, health, and environment.

Why crickets?

One of our friends told us about the benefits of insects for human consumption by showing us a FAO report entitled: "Edible insects: Future prospects for food and security." Indeed, insects are an excellent source of complete protein and their farming requires far less resources than other traditional animal protein, such as meat. This is how we decided to create our own food... made out of cricket powder! Our first product is an energy bar with exceptional nutritional properties.

Launch and development

With the help of sports nutritionists and chef-cooks, we worked for months on the development of a recipe combining performance and pleasure. We developed two delicious flavors: choco-orange and choco-banana.
Originally, the Naak bars were designed by athletes for athletes. Its nutritional values and its physical characteristics are thus conceived to meet endurance athletes’ needs, in terms of energy and recovery, before, during or after exercise. Created for athletic performance, they are also perfectly suitable as a snack for all active people. Naak bars are a healthy product: they contain only natural ingredients, free of preservatives or refined sugar. The proteins come from cricket powder, a super-food also rich in vitamins and minerals, and that requires very few resources to produce (learn more about crickets).

We started to produce and pack the bars ourselves in a restaurant’s kitchen. During summer 2016, we took part in many triathlon, cycling and running events, to promote our product. Athletes immediately adhere to our values, which strengthened us in our project. We sold more than 4,000 bars, until not being able to increase our production capacity anymore.


In November 2016, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on our own platform, The campaign had a great success on social networks, with a video seen more than 80,000 times and shared more than 500 times on Facebook. The presales objectives are widely exceeded and allow us to launch a first industrial production in January 2017 with a co-producer based in Quebec.
April 17th, 2017, we took part in the tv-show "Dans l’œil du dragon". During this episode, an agreement was struck with Martin-Luc Archambault and Caroline Néron. This appearance on the screens also brought us significant visibility.

Today, mid-September 2017, we release a third flavor to broaden our offer and satisfy even more consumers: the coco-macadamia bar!


More than a simple business, we want to bring together a community of athletes #cricketpowered sharing the same values: performance, health and respect for the environment. Our company sponsors professional athletes convinced of the benefits of insect-based food on their performances. Alexis Lepage, 8th in the U23 elites at the World Triathlon Championships in 2016, and Magali Tisseyre, 16-time Ironman 70.3 Champion and 3rd in the World in 2009 and 2010, have integrated the Naak bars into their diet. Our goal is to offer sportsmen a food adapted to their way of life, to help them achieve their goals, while raising awareness of the impact of their food on the environment. Thus, we seek to constantly develop new innovative products that could be integrated in our daily diet.

Partners and funding

Today, we are firmly established in the sports communities of Quebec, distributed throughout the country and present in more than 250 points of sale. We want to offer our product all across the Canada. We stroke deals with many partners as Sports Experts, Avril or Marchés Tau.

Naak was also fortunate to be able to count on the support of several institutions that support start-ups at their beginning and then their growth. We received a grant from the Montreal Inc. Foundation program, and have been selected among the 10 most innovative projects in the environmental and social innovation competition "Mouvement", presented by Novae.

To accelerate the growth of our company, we have also received financial support from Futurpreneur, the BDC and PME Montreal, and have participated in the "Growth Accelerator" program of Futurpreneur and SpinMaster.

Let’s get social

If you wish to get involved in our movement, do not hesitate to write us on to arrange an interview if you are a media, or on if you want to distribute the Naak bars in your store.



Our strategy operates a lot with social media on which we are very active through exclusive and dynamic content in all formats. More than 7,000 people have already joined the community! Join the movement and follow us on our Facebook page.